City of Chester Police Department


Mission Statement

The mission of the Police Department is to be a community oriented, respectfully working with the community we serve by providing exemplary services to our citizens and visitors, preserving the peace, and providing a safe environment for all persons.

Mission Objectives

The Chester Police Department will accomplish its mission by being sensitive to the needs of our citizens, being community problem solvers, being assertive in our approach to crime prevention, yet aggressive in our approach to those who would choose to break the law. We will interact with those in our community in a professional manner that adheres to the highest ethical standards of conduct administering not only the letter of the law, but also the spirit of the law.


We have a goal to train our Officers to the highest standards of excellence in the Law Enforcement field, to put as many certified personnel on the street through the Reserve Officers Program, involve the citizens in Crime Prevention Programs, and obtain the latest technology in our quest to keep the officers and citizens safe.

The Chester Police Department strives to be fair, firm, and consistent with those who choose to break the law.

The Chester Police Department Staff

The Chester Police Department has 27 sworn officers that include two Reserves Officers, A Gang Unit, A Public Relations Officer, and Narcotic Division. Road Patrol division is working four shifts to provide 24-hour protection for the citizens. The City Police Department also is developing an internship and a ride along program. The Investigators are on call seven days a week 24 hours a day to investigate reports of criminal, illegal drug and criminal domestic violence activities. The average response time to a 911 call is 5 minutes.

ImpalaFor information concerning any services of the Police Department call 803-581-2132.

If an officer is needed on a non-emergency basis call 803-385-5433.

Tip Line call 803-377-2100.