Planning  administers development functions including application review, specific plans, General Plan, Zoning Ordinance/Map and annexations. This department ensures that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for our city. Zoning oversees the division of land according to different uses and promotes healthy development.

The City of Chester Building and Zoning is responsible for enforcing all zoning regulations and building, mechanical, electrical & plumbing codes within the corporate limits of the City of Chester. Building and Zoning is also responsible for issuing all permits for construction and renovation work.

It shall be unlawful for any person to commence work for which a permit is required without first paying the applicable fee and obtaining a permit from the building official. Where work for which a permit is required by this Code is started or preceded prior to obtaining said permit, the fees herein specified shall be doubled, but payment of such double fee shall not relieve any persons from fully complying with the requirements of this Code in the execution of the work nor from any other penalties prescribed herein.

Forms and Permits

City of Chester Permit Guide
BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION                                

Permit Flow Chart
Owner Builder Form
Revised Notice of Intent 2015
City of Chester Sign Permit                                                                  

City of Chester Appeal Form
City of Chester Landlord Complaint Form

City of Chester Chapter 17 Form
Residential Duct Sealing Certificate                                    

Chester Energy Code Inspection 

The City of Chester requires building permits prior to construction or remodeling activity in order to help protect and maintain the health, welfare, and safety of our citizens and business patrons. Building permits ensure that proper inspections are performed; the inspections, in turn, verify that construction or remodeling of a residence or business complies with code requirements.

For more information or for inspection requests please contact Marquita Fair 803-581-2123 ext. 237 or