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    Gitbook: croissant-games Offering multi-crypto gameplay Games built around cryptocurrency like Bitcoin dice games raised concern over their fairness when played at Bitcoin gambling sites. A standard casino game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the outcome, which is a fair system. Games built around cryptocurrency like Bitcoin dice games raised concern over their fairness when played at Bitcoin gambling sites. A standard casino game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the outcome, which is a fair system. For many Bitcoin dice sites, fair dice rolls are calculated as follows: Eventually, Primedice figured the scam out and demanded that Hufflepuff return the funds. Needless to say, Hufflepuff declined to return the funds, but then went even further. Although Primedice had patched up the vulnerability, Hufflepuff figured out a way around the patch and began to rip Primedice off. Afterwards, he sent the company a sarcastic email, essentially bragging about his exploits. Of course, since then, cryptocurrency has evolved even further. With it, so did all the crypto poker sites where people used their Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency to play this incredibly popular game. While there are all kinds of poker, the most popular type when it comes to crypto poker is Texas Hold’em. This is probably because of its popularity, as well as its simplicity. Bitstarz features over 20 table poker titles, including Oasis Poker, Russian Poker, Poker Pursuit, and many more. In the classic club BTC poker game, there are no strategies that can guarantee your victory. All players can see only two of their own cards and five of the cards placed face-up on the table which plays for every player, so it’s very hard to count something in a mathematical way. That’s why all of the poker strategies are based on the psychology and study of the behavior and playing style of opponents. The main fundamental works about poker that can be useful for new and experienced players are:

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