The Administration Department consists of the City Administrator, Municipal Court, and the Grants Administrator.

The City Administrator is appointed by City Council to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the City under the Council form of government as outlined in the City’s Ordinances.  The Administrator coordinates the activities of the various administrative and operating departments of the City, leads the budgetary planning process, assists the Council in developing public policy, recommending and implementing management strategies and programs citywide aimed at reducing cost and improving efficiency, and provides guidance for each employee to perform their daily tasks for the City of Chester. 

The City Engineering services are provided by RCI of South Carolina, Inc. 

The City Legal services are provided by the Law Offices of Megan Gaston, PA.

City Administrator Stephanie Jackson

Administration Department Staff

City Administrator            Stephanie Jackson

Grants and Community     
Development Coordinator

Clerk of Court              

Asst Clerk of Court           Gisela Gaither 

Meet & Greet for City Administrator Stephanie Jackson