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Municipal Clerk of Court


2740 Dawson Drive

Chester, SC 29706




 S.C. Constitution Article 1, § 3 Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, annotated the Constitution of the State of South Carolina Article 1 - Declaration of Rights.

§ 3. Privileges and immunities; due process; equal protection of laws.

The privileges and immunities of citizens of this State and of the United States under this Constitution shall not be abridged, nor shall any person be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.





Questions about your court appearance:

  • Contact Johnna Hodge, Municipal Clerk Court at (803) 581-2123, Ext 248.

Failure to appear:

  • If you choose not to appear for court as a defendant, victim, or witness, you will be subject to arrest.

What if I cannot pay?

  • The Municipal Judge can choose an alternative sentence, or grant an Order of Payment Schedule.
  • If you fail to comply with either sentence, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.

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